The World’s First “Plug ‘N’ Plant” Growing System

Written by Julia Wright for Civilized. 

Plug N Plant

Got room for a bar fridge in your apartment or basement getaway? Then you might have room to grow cannabis (provided, of course, it’s legal where you live.)

Leaf, billed as the world’s first “plug ‘n’ plant” secure grow chamber, is sufficiently compact to fit beside a desk or in the back of a closet. Once the seeds are planted, Leaf does most of the work, continuously monitoring and adjusting the pH level, water/air temperatures, and nutrients, to optimize the plant’s size, weight, and potency. The roof of the chamber is equipped with LED grow lights as you can see in the mockup from Leaf’s Instagram.

Perhaps Leaf’s most futuristic, labour-saving feature is this: when you’re not at home, the device apparently synchs with an app on your phone to monitor the environmental data in the chamber in real-time, even allowing you to tune in to how things are progressing while you’re on the go via a built-in HD camera.

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  1. This is really neat! I hope growing is allowed when they legalize it for recreational use.

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