The woman behind is helping to redefine feminism

Written by Luke Winkie for Vice Broadly.
French Inhale

It’s hard to think of a website with a tighter link between title and value proposition than The design is spartan, save for a video player in the middle of the screen. A series of women—all dressed in basic lingerie or nothing at all—read a weekly news bulletin on the art, culture, and minutiae surrounding the marijuana industry. The clips aren’t particularly horny, or even all that sexy; instead, the site comes off like a high-concept media property designed to mine clicks from a very niche community of lonely stoners interested in weed headlines and a simple, absent-minded striptease. It’s not the cleanest business model in the world, but Bree Whitehead, CEO of Stoned Media Group, the company that owns NakedWeedReport and a number of other verticals, remains resolute. Vices sell vices, and if you want an apology, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

“I get shit all the time about being a bad feminist,” says Whitehead. “I find humor in the people who get mad or call our sites cheap, because we bust our asses for this. The women we work with are some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met in my life. The woman who was on the cover of my calendar last year speaks four languages and owns three businesses. You can’t make that up. She just also happens to be insanely hot and free with her sexuality.”

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