What Do America’s ‘Marijuana Midterms’ Mean For Cannabis in Canada?

Article by The Leaf News

What do America's 'marijuana midterms' mean for cannabis in Canada? Legalization of recreational marijuana is on ballots today in North Dakota and Michigan. (Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press)

Bud is on the ballot in a number of U.S. states Tuesday, as Americans cast their votes in midterm elections.

The stakes are highest in two states that border Canada: Voters in Michigan and North Dakota will decide whether to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults.

Meanwhile, medical marijuana legalization measures are on ballots in Missouri and Utah, and many county and municipal elections include a wide variety of marijuana-related ballot questions that could have local impacts.

Does any of this matter when it comes to the future of cannabis in Canada?

The answer is no — at least, not immediately. For Canadian cannabis users, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan and North Dakota could eventually provide some nearby destinations for weed-friendly vacations, although Canadians still wouldn’t be allowed to cross the international border into those states with legal Canadian cannabis (or vice versa).

For Canada’s legal cannabis industry, the picture is a bit different. Major Canadian cannabis firms are racing to build a global footprint in anticipation of an international wave of drug-law reform. Luckily for them, the U.S. marijuana industry still has one arm tied behind its back. As long as the U.S. federal government maintains its prohibition on cannabis, legal U.S. weed will remain largely shut out of the world market.

But today’s midterms could mark a small step towards changing that situation, according to an American cannabis legalization advocate.

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