Time is Ripe for NBA to Make a Change in Pot Rule

Article by Doug Smith, The Toronto Star


There is growing speculation that a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is on its way in the NBA – the silence about any talks has to be a good sign, I’d suggest – and there’s one issue that I wonder how they’ll deal with now.


Aside from the other, um, things that came out of Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election, four more states have basically legalized the use of recreational marijuana, three voted to approve its use for medical purposes and I wonder how the league will react to that news.

In full disclosure mode, I don’t use marijuana, either recreationally or for medicinal purposes.

I have in the past but not in decades because all it ever did for me recreationally was make me want a Bundt cake or fall asleep. The time I spent sharing a house with about four standup comics who would, um, indulge every single day was fun and I probably existed on contact highs without knowing it but I never got its allure.

I can, however, attest to its medicinal use. Super Brother had a “compassion card” for years and years before he died and I am sure it kept him alive longer than he would have been; I have purchased dope in an alley behind an old office for a friend battling cancer who has become quite prominent in some circles and people I know very well use it today and swear by it. I think it’s necessary.

Now, the other part?

I think the NBA needs to get with the times and somehow relax its penalties for marijuana use as part of it’s anti-drug program, a point I’ve made often in the past and one that I think resonates a bit more today since a larger part of the United States has determined there’s nothing illegal about it use.

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