Tennessee-Based Activist Seth Green Rallies For Medical Cannabis & Fights The Stigma In The Bible Belt

Article by Mike Okada, Cannabis Life Network


Seth Green is a Tennessee-based medical cannabis activist who began advocating for patients in 2011. He is a medical user himself, and cannabis helps him with a number of serious medical conditions including cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Cannabis Life Network interviewed Seth about Tennessee’s recently killed medical cannabis bill, the rally he’s planning for Apr. 21 in response to that, battling the cannabis stigma in the Bible Belt, finding cannabis in the holy book, and so much more.

Seth launched Greener Pastures to fight for medical cannabis in Tennessee and he’s been featured in articles in the Huffington Post and the local press.

CLN: What is Greener Pastures Tennessee?

Seth Green: It’s where I tell my story on how medical cannabis helped me. I was not involved with NORML or ASA (Americans for Safer Access)  at the time I first got into the medical cannabis movement, and I figured I can’t just make a webpage using my name, Seth Green, because there’s already a famous actor with that name, so I went with Greener Pastures.

It’s actually kind of funny how it all came together. I was sitting there, smoking a joint, and thinking of names I could use without copyright while I watched a few movies and relaxed, and in one of the movies, the actor said “Greener Pastures”, and that stuck in my head because my last name is Green and my favourite colour is green, and so what I want for the people of Tennessee is to have greener pastures to take them to a higher place in life.

But I’ve actually had people ask me if I was the ‘real’ Seth Green!

So what happened with this medical marijuana bill in Tennessee?

Well, the co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Dickerson, was all for it and after it passed the House and everything, and I was watching this online, he basically said this bill was useless and we can’t have it come in this year in Tennessee. Next year, we’ll make up a bill.

That just blew everybody’s mind. Just for the main facts that we had a bill that reached the senate because it passed the House with a 9-2 vote!

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