The Sizzling relationship between bud and bacon

Written by Tyler Koslow for Merry Jane.
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Is there a better way to complement a nice weekend wake-and-bake than with some sizzling bacon fresh out of the frying pan? There is, by combining your favorite plant and favorite breakfast food into one tasty concoction. It may not seem like an obvious pairing, but bacon and cannabis actually go together quite well. Bacon works as a fatty attractant that soaks up THC, and cannabis may also enhance the taste of your bacon before it ever leaves the pig.

With many people using edible forms of cannabis to lift their spirits, select farmers have started utilizing the plant matter as a main source of feed for livestock. The trend was started by Washington state butcher William von Schneidau, former owner of BB Ranch in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. With the prices of corn and soy inflating, he began feeding his pigs scraps from cannabis plants instead.

After feeding his “potbelly” pigs leaves, stems, and root bulbs from the local non-profit organization Top Shelf Organic, von Schneidau noticed that his livestock became more red and savory than ever before. According to the butcher, the cannabis-based feed didn’t heavily affect the flavor of his prosciutto, but the feed did make his pigs plumper and happier.

Susannah Gross, a farmer who adopted von Schneidau’s method, claimed that the special cannabis-infused feed made her pigs about 20–30 pounds heavier than those that weren’t on a marijuana-based diet. Customers who purchased the cannabis-infused prosciutto from von Schneidau reportedly praised the meat for its fattiness and terrific marbling.

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