Buy These Sandwich Bags for $325—Free Marijuana Included!

Article by Chris Roberts, High Times

Sandwich bag full of cannabis nugs

2017 was always going to be a weird year for the states that legalized marijuana on Election Day in November. Cannabis is now legal for adults 21 and over in Massachusetts, California and Nevada—and on Jan. 30, Maine—but only if you can find any lying around. 

Retail sales in licensed stores won’t start until 2018, and unlicensed sales of any kind are illegal then and now. 

That means that the only way to actually legally acquire any cannabis for now is to grow some yourself, receive some for free or otherwise stumble upon some unattended reefer. That, or buy some off the street or from your “guy” (or girl) just like before. 

One enterprising man in Massachusetts has stumbled upon another option—and one that might be even more relevant, now that state lawmakers have abandoned their early-2018 deadline to set up retail sales and pushed it back to at least the middle of next year.

This fellow is now in the sandwich bag business, offering up for sale on Craigslist “empty” plastic bags for as little as $20, all the way up to $325—with “dispensary-grade marijuana” inside as a “free gift.”

New England Public Radio brings us the tale of this budding bagman, who posted on the “farm and garden services” section of the western Massachusetts Craigslist. The ad, since removed, offered five different options of empty sandwich bags—with up to an ounce of “various strains” of cannabis included inside as a gift.

“Disclaimer: I am selling you an empty bag,” read the ad, also picked up by WBUR. “Marijuana placed In that empty sandwich bag is simply a legal gift.”

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