This putter has a hidden one-hitter for smoking grass on the greens

Written by Sebastian Montes for Civilized.
1-hitter putter

Those days of passing furtive joints and huddling awkwardly around a bowl can be a thing of the past thanks to a smoking implement that goes on the course with you—with golf narcs none the wiser.

For more than 20 years, David Musty has been outfitting some of his patented wooden putters with a hidden one-hitter. In those models, the toe of the putter swivels open to reveal a wire-mesh bowl. A series of fittings run from the toe through the club shaft, ending at the butt of the putter grip, from whence its user smokes.

Musty, 63, vows that the smoking versions of his putters perform every bit as well as his traditional models, which possess a buttery-soft feel thanks to their wooden build. And each club is milled so that it carries a high center of gravity, imparting a true roll on the ball rather than a putt-skewing skid or hop.

“It’s 35 inches of pure fun,” Musty says. “Those 15 pieces of plumbing, they keep things sealed all the way through the club. One hit and we’re peace-piping, man.”

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