Pot Growers Scurry to get Their Strains Registered

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Logically, the concept of quality control and standardization is still new in the rapidly expanding world of legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

Fabulous strains (and names) of weed in one state may sound familiar when you go to purchase them in another, but who knows if they actually are the same strain?

A company called Medical Genomics is attempting to deal with this issue by creating a repository of cannabis genomes and storing them on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is basically a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of records called “blocks.”

Medical Genomics is doing this in the hope of standardizing strain terminology so that customers always know what they’re getting from state-to-state and dispensary-to-dispensary. It also serves to defend the intellectual property rights of those who breed new strains.

Medicinal Genomics does not test pot plants for microbial contaminants nor to determine their CBD content, but rather they are geared toward offering their clients the ability to sequence the genomeof their cannabis plants. It’s basically a type of cannabis copyrighting.

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