Opioid Companies Lobby Against Medical Marijuana

Article by Allen Frances, Huffington Post

Opioid Companies Lobby Against Medical Marijuana

Our next several blogs will catalogue the various ways drug companies have ruthlessly promoted our nation’s deadly opioid epidemic. This first installment on just the latest outrage- political lobbying to block the legalization of medical marijuana. Future blogs will each tell other aspects of this sordid story.

The exponential growth of addiction to prescription opioids offers a classic example of selfish corporate greed swamping any vestige of corporate conscience. The Pharma drug pushers are attempting to protect their blood money profits by blocking fair competition from much safer and much cheaper medical marijuana. As usual, Pharma displays great loyalty to its executives, its shareholders, and its subservient politicians, while displaying a shameful disregard for the lives of its customers and the welfare of our society.

Drug cartels are rightly reviled. But drug companies are now more deadly and only marginally less ruthless.

Policymakers should weigh the considerable evidence that legalized medical pot improves pain management and reduces opioid addiction. They should focus less on the few real dangers and be less susceptible to powerful Pharma pressure.

Medical Pot Reduces Opioid Abuse And Deaths

Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia have legalized pot for medical purposes. It turns out that medical marijuana is over-rated for many of the conditions currently treated with it.
But pot could have a major role in improving our currently horrible management of chronic pain. A review of 79 studies found “30% or greater improvement in pain with cannabinoid compared with placebo.”

Studies also show that legalizing medical pot, and making it available in dispensaries, reduces by 15-35% admissions for prescription opioid abuse and opioid overdose deaths.

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