New Gallup poll shows more Americans are admitting to smoking weed

Written by Mike Adams for Merry Jane.
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While the federal government continues to run a rampageous riot of anti-pot swill and Congressional sandbag tactics against the great American populous in terms of its desire to legalize marijuana, the latest Gallup poll indicates that not only are more people consuming the herb in the United States than ever before, but they are also doing so at a rate of almost double what they were three years ago.

What this means from a statistical standpoint is that 13 percent of the population (around 33 million people) is using marijuana—an admission that only 7 percent of citizens were willing to make with pollsters back in 2013. There was also an increase in the number of people willing to come clean about their past marijuana use, with 43 percent saying that they had at least given weed a try—a figure that represents a modest but relevant 5 percent jump from the 38 percent who came clean about the green back in 2013.

In an analysis for The Washington Post, Christopher Ingram points out that with 40 million cigarette smokers in the United States, it is conceivable that there could soon be more cannabis users than traditional smokers.

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