Marijuana gets the farm-to-fork foodie treatment in Sacramento

Written by Gabrielle Karol for ABC 10.

There are pairings and tastings for wine, beer and even coffee. Why not cannabis?

That was the question Nug Run founder Nick Ocampo asked himself, after getting a medical marijuana prescription four years ago to help with his insomnia. Ocampo, who has been in a beer club since college, dove deep into research about the terpenes in cannabis. Terpenes are the essential oils in plants that give different strains of cannabis and beer hops different aromas.

Ocampo started to experiment with pairing different types of cannabis with different foods, inviting friends with medical marijuana cards to small tasting parties. From there, the idea for Nug Run – a monthly box pairing foods and cannabis – was born.

“Cannabis can be approached like any other food product, and it can be consumed in a new exciting way,” Ocampo said. “It’s a great way to introduce new people to cannabis, because they can use food to introduce them to the cannabis scene.”

Of course, the only people who can be legally introduced to cannabis right now in California are those with doctor’s notes. But with recreational marijuana on the ballot in November, Ocampo is looking ahead to a much wider audience.

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