Kushbury – Peace Naturals Project Onyx Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Got me some Onyx a few weeks back and it’s a pretty interesting little strain! Onyx is from Peace Naturals Project and as many of you know, Peace strains are all considered proprietary genetics, that is they give you all the pertinent information like indica / sativa, THC, CBD and symptom recommendations (if you are a registered patient) but they do not give out the traditional or “street name” of their cannabis. I only mention this as from time to time I will come across an attribute that may be strain specific or could be the result of conditions throughout the growing cycle. Personally, as long as I know if it’s an indica or sativa and what it’s percentages are that is usually plenty information to get you in the ballpark.

Onyx is beautiful bud to look at but was a bit on the airy side. By that I mean the buds seemed to lack a certain density that I often look for in indicas. That said, this is one of those features that may be chalked up to genetics rather than a growing error. I feel this way because all of the other elements of Onyx seem on point; full nose, great flavour and robust effects (awesome for relaxation / sleep). The plus side of airy bud is your jar always looks super full!!

For more information on Onyx, please visit Peace Naturals website here – www.peacenaturals.com

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