Here’s a transcription courtesy of Tom Angell, the pro-legalization activist and journalist who first spotted the exposed document:


“Bertha Madras: Marijuana is not a substitute for opiates as a pain medication.

“Dr. Hoover Adger: The harm from today’s marijuana.

“Dr. Bob DuPont: The effect of marijuana on drugged driving.

“David Evans: The role that the Food and Drug Administration can and should [obscured]

“[obscured] The organizations you can speak for and what you and they are [obscured] people from recreational marijuana use.

“[obscured] law enforcement thinks of the commercialization of [obscured] law enforcement would support an enforcement initiative.

“[obscured] course of marijuana commercialization in the states if the [obscured] not intervene.”

Sessions, who once said “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and previously supported giving pot dealers the death penalty, met recently with DOJ officials to discuss potential changes to the federal policy on marijuana enforcement. For now, the Obama administration’s hands-off approach to state-level legalization remains in effect. It’s clear, however — even without the leaked agenda — that Sessions is looking for ammo to justify a reversal.