Humans & Our Struggle for Cannabis

Article by Jade Ridge, Twelve High Chicks

Humans & Our Struggle for Cannabis

Cannabis has been misunderstood until very recently. The past couple of decades have unfolded revolutionary evidence of the role cannabinoids play in our bodies. And while today’s society adapts to that notable presence, it gets criticized among its objectors and becomes more researched by its admirers.

Humans and Cannabis

The findings on cannabis and our reception to it have shown the flower to be a potential missing link in our brain and body. Connecting the CB1 and CB2 receptors we have in our brain, cannabis equips malfunctioning receptors to correct themselves. Advanced research in cannabis studies suggests that cannabis has medicinal value and that it has many benefits to us as humans.

Therefore, cannabis use is sought out as a natural regime to assist any diagnosis or known disease without compromising the body’s ability to heal or cope for itself. In fact, cannabis is also recognized as a natural booster for many things such as autoimmune diseases and immunity damagecellular damage, and even rare brain disorders such as Dravet Syndrome.

As the biological effects of cannabis have been explored, research unveils outstanding benefits as to why it is so complementary to our systems. When something unique and versatile holds so much power, it also sometimes becomes misunderstood. And what humans misunderstand, they will either fear or create a willingness for themselves to understand.

This has been the case with humans and cannabis.

The History of the Struggle for Cannabis

When we look to the past when cannabis initially surfaced, it proves to have had its struggle. And when looking into that struggle a little deeper, it displays connections with government agencies, privately funded agencies, interest groups, and religious groups. So when we investigate the possibilities as to why cannabis has been torn apart by these groups, it is safe to say that they all share one thing in common: propaganda.

Their claim is that cannabis is harmful to individuals and youth and creates gang violence, which is why they’ve tried to keep cannabis illegal. This is not so accurate. The majority of government agencies have invested in corporations to “provide” for society, which are conveniently profitable. One example is that medicinal cannabis pushes away the need for some pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals heal in some aspects, but are not innocent in creating new problems. Cannabis is a way out of many pharmaceutical treatments, and these groups are certainly aware of this.

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