How Genius Pipe is Reinventing the Toking Device

Article by Roni Stetter, Herb

Every cannaseur is sick of cannabis pipes that don’t meet their needs. They’re often easy-to-break glass, can be tough to clean, and burn the throat and lungs with every toke. Luckily, the Genius Pipe company has reinvented the wheel, providing a beautiful and high-tech hand pipe that truly takes smoking flower to the next level.

Marketed as the thinnest cannabis pipe on the market, Genius Pipe does not disappoint with its sleek metal design.

It has three main pieces connected magnetically: the two halves of the pipe itself, and a cover which slides on and off, serving as a shield for the bowl when not in use.

This design makes it super easy to quickly stash the pipe for later use, without losing your herb. The other benefit is that it makes for a shockingly easy cleaning process.

Since the halves snap apart, you can simply wipe down the smoke chamber’s flat sides with a towel and your cleaner of choice.

Genius Pipe is absolutely ideal for tight spaces like purses and backpacks. It’s also quite discreet to use in more public spaces, as it doesn’t immediately look like a pipe.

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