A Former Keurig Executive Explained Why he Left to Work at the ‘Keurig of Cannabis’

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The CannaCloud vaporizer is billed as the “Keurig of Cannabis” — it’s a device that heats marijuana to a specific temperature without burning the plant — because it really is just like its coffee-maker namesake.

It employs a similar pod-based technology that helped grow Keurig into the multi-billion dollar coffee empire that it is today.

The CannaCloud was even designed by the same firm that created the Keurig, Dave Manly, the chairman of CannaKorp, told Business Insider. (CannaKorp is the company that builds the CannaCloud).

Manly is also a former Keurig executive and was one of the prime architects of Keurig’s astounding growth. He joined Keurig in 2002 when it was doing only $25 million in revenue, after a stint at Procter & Gamble.

He guesses that he was probably the 25th employee at Keurig, and by the time he left, the company had grown immensely — to over $5 billion in revenue. He ended up as the head of “innovation” at Keurig before he semi-retired in 2014 after a successful, 13-year stint at the company.

And that’s when CannaKorp came calling.

“They were really intrigued about finding a Keurig guy because their whole idea was the ‘Keurig of Cannabis,'” Manly said. “I hooked up with them as a consultant, and then, about a year later, I came on board as chairman of the company.”

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