DEA Wants to Study Cannabis while Sick People Suffer

Article by Jeff Siegel,

DEA Wants to Study Cannabis while Sick People Suffer

It was cringeworthy to say the least.

Watching DEA head Chuck Rosenberg opine on medicinal cannabis.

Sticking to his guns, Rosenberg said once again that marijuana is not medicine, noting that to him, “medicine” is something that’s been studied by clinicians and physicians and epidemiologists. He added that we know how to dose it, what it’s side effects are, and we know a whole bunch of science about medicine. But when smoking marijuana, none of those things pertain.

I understand that he wants to rely on the medical establishment for guidance, and in all fairness, analysis of medical cannabis should be based on science. I completely support that. But for decades, we have been unable to study cannabis due to prohibition.

Of course, today, things are a bit different. We are finally starting to see research being done at a level that didn’t exist ten years ago. This is definitely progress. But during this testing phase, what do we tell all the sick folks who rely on cannabis today to treat all kinds of illnesses?

What do we tell all those kids with extreme epilepsy who use cannabis to combat their seizures?

What do we tell the thousands of veterans who use cannabis to effectively treat the effects of PTSD?

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