Cops and Politicos awarded pot producer licenses in Maryland

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States have been known to keep tight-lipped about the names and data behind their respective medical marijuana programs. Maryland, a state where voters approved medical marijuana in 2013, but shouldn’t expect to be able to purchase medicine/marijuana until next year, released the names (kind of) of the first recipients of grower and producer licenses Monday.

The state scored a reported 146 applications for 15 grower licenses; and 124 applications for 15 processing licenses. The list of players who made the first cut includes a company with ties to Del. Dan Morhaim (D-Baltimore County), the man that thought up the state’s medical pot program.


Publicly available data about who is really selling weed in weed-legal states is less common than veiled arrangements; so Maryland’s disclosure is actually a transparency not seen across the nation. Nevertheless, it should give pause to the cannabis enthusiast: A significant number of those awarded licenses have ties to government and law enforcement––institutions that have generally been quite 420-unfriendly in the past.

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