Cannabis Science Company creates cannabinoid-based Asthma inhalers

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Cannabis Science, Inc. ( OTC PINK : CBIS ), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabis based medicines, is happy to announce their first batch order for the previously announced cannabinoid based inhalation medicine for Asthma/COPD has been placed. It is expected to be received by the company within a week and released initially in select California dispensaries and available for delivery. The CBIS MDI Rescue Inhaler dosage is targeting 100 – 200 dose MDI with cannabinoid level variations ranging from 10mg, 25mg, up to 100mg THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid variables as patient/consumer analysis moves further down the road.

How Cannabinoids may help Asthma/COPD:

  • Cannabinoids can relieve inflammation
  • Cannabinoids can be anti-microbial
  • Cannabinoids can support / modulate the immune system and its response to infection and disease
  • Cannabinoids can be expectorants
  • Cannabinoids are analgesic (pain relief)
  • Cannabinoid medicine has little to no side effects

How THC May Help Asthma/COPD:

(1) THC seems to produce faster symptomatic relief than Proventil, and speed is important when you’re having trouble breathing.

(2) THC seems to increase lung capacity and produce deeper breathing than Proventil.

(3) THC seems to enable deeper breaths than when not under attacks. There are a number of objective tests of lung capacity that have shown this theory to be true.

(4) THC does tend to make you sleepy, which actually makes it perfect for right before you go to bed, when consistently the need to use Proventil to prevent the asthma/COPD attack that inevitably starts as soon as you lie down.

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