Cannabis farmer’s markets help to eliminate gap between patient, grower

Written by Julia Wright for Civilized.

It makes sense that America’s fastest-growing cash crop is getting its own, dedicated community market space. Farmer’s markets specifically geared toward cannabis growers have existed in some form in the United States since 2010 – and the ethos is similar to that of any regular, Saturday-morning farmer’s market, only considerably more fun and freewheeling than the kale-loving crowd at your average farmer’s market.

At cannabis farmer’s markets like the California Heritage Market, vendors in legal states arrive with the goods – usually, product grown themselves – and sell straight to patients looking to fill their prescriptions, without any middleman. That means wholesale prices, a diverse range of sun-grown local products, and generally a happier, more connected process for consumers curious about where their bud is coming from, and has inspired events in Seattle, Olympia, and Vancouver, WA. 

Unfortunately – but predictably – such events aren’t without their detractors. A few years ago, a big cannabis farmer’s market scheduled to take place in Washington was cancelled at the request of local police. However, the event was back with a vengeance on the weekend of Valentine’s Day 2016. Even in legal states, as you might expect, there’s often tension between these kinds of open-market events and a regulatory system seemingly bent on keeping cannabis production tightly controlled.

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