Breeders of Gorilla Glue Strain Reach Agreement With Gorilla Glue Adhesive Company

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Breeders of Gorilla Glue Strain Reach Agreement With Gorilla Glue Adhesive Company

The breeders who created the super-sticky Gorilla Glue 4 strain have reached a settlement with the Gorilla Glue adhesive maker. The agreement comes months after GG Strains, the company behind the wildly popular, award-winning cannabis variety vowed to fight the trademark infringement case in court. However several months in and nearly a fifty-thousand dollars later they we’re happy to agree to a landmark deal.

“In the beginning they didn’t want to settle,” says interim CMO of GG Strains and online marketing guru Catherine Franklin aka Cat 7 told Stuff Stoners Like about the adhesive behemoth. “They were not nice at the start but over time we all warmed up. They were very upset that their name was being used as a term for cannabis and they wanted us to stop using it.”

To make matters worse the glue giant’s attorney accused the small 3-person company who created the GG4 strain of profiting from each sale of Gorilla Glue weed sold in every legal recreational and medicinal shop across the nation. And they wanted a piece of past profits.

However since the famous strain hit the market a few short years ago many people have profited from its sale not just its originators. Plus GG Strains had only given a small amount of growers a cut from the original mother plant and allowed them to sell marijuana under the Gorilla Glue 4 moniker. Most everything else that was sold was counterfeit.

Once the glue company’s attorney realized that GG Strains were not responsible for the vast majority of the Gorilla Glue 4 sales let alone profiting from them all—tides began to change. Coupled with the fact that for several months GG Strains were already trying to rename the renowned strain and an amicable agreement was nearing. Soon, during the jurisdictional discovery process, the glue guys suggested a settlement.

“We were rebranding her anyways,” says Ross Johnson the breeder and master grower of GG4 as well as co-founder of GG Strains who goes by the underground name Lone Watty. ”We had already started using GG4—a much simpler term.”

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