Kushbury – Christmas Biscotti by CannaBiscotti Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Ho ho ho Everybody!  And what a delightful treat do I have for you today!  One of my favourite edible producers of 2017, CannaBiscotti, has just raised the bar in the last month of the year with their Holiday Edition Biscotti!  The quality and craftsmanship that went into these is high level.

We already know that CannaBiscotti makes quality products using a full bud extraction and that they come in commercial grade, smell proof packaging from our last review and that these 50mg cookies pack a punch!!  What’s new about these biscotti are the flavours!  This round we get Chocolate Candy Cane, White Chocolate Cranberry, Pecan Caramel and my new favourite TIRAMISU!

Each of these biscotti were bursting with flavour!  Yes, there was a hint of cannabis but the skilled food artisans at CannaBiscoti managed to pick flavours that either worked well with it or masked it almost entirely!  The Chocolate Candy Cane is a great example of this… the chocolate in the cookie and the candy on top made the cannabis flavour practically non existent!  And the more and more I get into edibles I find that white chocolate compliments cannabis quite nice and takes the edge off making the White Chocolate Cranberry very interesting!!  And while examining these Christmas Biscotti beforehand I had pegged the Caramel Pecan as the most decadent looking, the Tiramisu was hands down my favourite!

Now, in the interest of science I consumed all four Christmas Biscotti for a total of 200mg of THC.  And Because CannaBiscotti uses coconut oil infused with full bud the effects are VERY robust and last a VERY long time!  I typically medicate with one of these and find they hit with the same potency as most 100mg edibles so the four I consumed put me in quite the relaxed state!  Lol!

You just can’t go wrong with CannaBiscotti.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going for their standard flavours or any of the special varieties they release through the year, the quality is always top notch and product delicious!

For more information you can connect with CannaBiscotti here – cannabiscotti.ca or on IG @cannabiscotti

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