Kushbury – Blessed Edibles Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Float Bar Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Blessed Edibles – Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Float Bar

I am very excited about today’s review! We are taking a look at the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Float Bar from Blessed Edibles! I’m excited because one of the early incarnations of this product was a big favorite of mine! It’s been over a year since I’ve had one and I am excited to see how it still performs!!

Before we get into the bar itself, let’s talk about Blessed Edibles. Blessed is an edible company with an eye on athletics. Athletic recovery to be exact. The owner, Angelina, is a world traveled competitive Muay Thai fighter and an advocate of athletes using both THC and CBD for recovery. Blessed uses only high quality, all natural ingredients. In fact, you’re likely to be surprised how small their ingredient list on the package is proving once again that less is more. And speaking of packaging, Blessed Edibles is great! Not only do they have all of the ingredients, a canna warning and contact information, they also have a full nutritional breakdown so you can keep on top of your nutrition / macros if that’s important to you.

The Bar itself is 120mg of THC and 40mg of CBD. Beginners and those working at a therapeutic level are good with one or two squares to start, those with higher tolerances can go up from there. I ate the whole bar but felt I would have been just fine with half.

I was very impressed with the Float Bar and am wondering why it’s been so long since I had one! The chocolate was very high quality, super smooth and had tons of flavor! And none of that flavour was cannabis, awesome!! Effects for me were fantastic! Since I had a higher dose I experienced a good amount of muscle relaxation and good spirits! Definitely a mood enhancer!

For more information on Blessed Edibles you can connect with them through their instagram @blessededibles or through their website blessededibles.com

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