Woman in Weed: Kendra Veinot

Article by Cy Williams, High! Canada

Woman in Weed: Kendra Veinot

High! Canada Magazine had the chance to speak with Canadian cannabis advocate Kendra Veinot from Nova Scotia. Kendra, tell us how you got involved in the Cannabis community – what is your personal Cannabis origin story?

I got involved in the cannabis industry, due to the fact, I smoked flower, to relieve symptoms associated with Crohn’s. At the age of 22, I ended up in the hospital, after a series of medical testing, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, at one point, I was on the “the crohie cocktail”, taking over 32 pills a day, plus weekly injections. Even after all that, I still ended up needing surgery to remove 24 inches of my small intestine, and parts of my large intestine due to narrowing.

Since then, I’ve had 2 more surgeries, and I’m at risk for another. I told myself “no more”, and completely stop all pharmaceutical medication, and wanted to go strictly Cannabis only. I had no idea where to start, what dose to take, nothing. One day I was checking out Instagram, watching a live stream when a woman by the name of @melomomentz popped up. Just listening to her story, I related, in more ways than one. Something drew me to her, and boom, we clicked like long lost sisters. She’s been inspiring, and informative since day one. That’s when “Hippie Flower Hour” was born. It’s me, an east coast gal, trying to heal herself naturally, with only cannabis, and putting myself out there to showcase the benefits of this miracle plant.

Have you faced any particular adversity or challenges working within the Canadian cannabis industry and how did you overcome those challenges?

Absolutely… Medical professionals in rural communities aren’t too keen on prescribing medical cannabis, they much rather give you man-made chemicals, that don’t work. Also being from a small town you get the classic “stoner” reference, by a lot of people, but it only because they’re not educated enough on Cannabis, to understand it’s benefits.

What are you currently working on within the Canadian cannabis space?

Currently, I’m working on my project called “Hippies Flower Hour” where I showcase what types of cannabis products I use to treat my Crohn’s. I’m also hitting the street and going to get feedback on what Atlantic Canadians think about the legalization, I’ll post segments on my Instagram page, as well watch out for the weekly video log, coming out shortly… plus a few more exciting secret projects in the works. Never a dull moment in the life of Hippie Budz.

Plans for the future?

To be one of the faces of Canadian cannabis, and be able to travel, and showcase the best cannabis the east coast has to offer. I believed in the power of cannabis, and I want others to get there too. This medication has been designed for our body, and we’ve been starving ourselves from it for too long.

Three things that you think every Canadian needs?

Get educated on Cannabis

Support/love for each other

Unlimited cannabis

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