‘I’m Getting High Tonight, But My Parents are Picking Me Up Early Morning. How Do I Choose the Type of Weed That’s Right For Me?’

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LifeLegalizationHealthExpertsCulture ‘I’m getting high tonight, but my parents are picking me up early morning. How do I choose the type of weed that's right for me?' Ask A Budtender, a weekly column that clears the air for cannabis curious Canadians Madison “Maddie” Cox is a budtender at Toronto-based The Neighbourhood Joint. You can find her artwork adorned on the walls of TNJ or on Instagram. PHOTO BY MADISON COX This story is a part of The GrowthOp’s weekly series, Ask A Budtender.

A landscape artist at heart, Madison “Maddie” Cox is a budtender at Toronto-based The Neighbourhood Joint — she is temporarily laid off due to the pandemic. She uses cannabis to fuel her art and boost creativity, and for this purpose, she likes high energy Sativa and Haze.

In today’s section, she answers some of the most frequently asked consumer queries.

Are there products customers are asking about more often than they did before?

With the introduction of beverages to the market, there has been a drive-in for both beginner and seasoned consumers to check out these new products. Edibles (such as Candy Cane Crush Milk Chocolate by Legend and Peach Serene CBD Gummies by Aurora Drift) continue to be popular, however, people coming from the legacy market can be surprised at the low doses on the retail market.

Vapes are also becoming a very popular item, with so many new models coming out for both flower and concentrates. For vapes, check out Good supply Pineapple Express 510 and the 7Acres Sativa PAX pod. The concentrates themselves have also been sought after by more seasoned consumers in the industry.

Do questions from different age groups tend to differ?

Absolutely. Customers in the young adult age range are more likely to be familiar with cannabis and ask specific strain and smoking-related questions, whereas our older demographics are much more interested in CBD or lower THC products that don’t use combustion and inhalation. Topicals are also becoming more of a focus for our older customer base, due to their non-psychoactivity. Smoke-free alternatives are more popular with the older generations, while younger folks are more focused on vaping or flower (like 7ACRES – Jack Haze) that is budget conscious with the highest THC for the price.

What if a customer asked: I’m getting high Friday night, but my parents are picking me up early Saturday morning. Are there any type of products that should wait for another day?

Due to the nature of edibles and the way they stay in your system, it’s always best to stick with something that’s a low dose if consuming the night before. In a similar vein, oils can also have a longer-lasting effect when compared to smoking as they have to travel through your body to be absorbed. If you need to be up and at ‘em early on, I would avoid smoking heavy Indica strains with lofty THC values, oils with a strong concentration of THC, or taking multiple 10 mg edibles before bed. Stick to consuming a low dose or smoking a nice mid-low level THC strain to ensure you don’t wake up with any of that unpleasant grogginess.

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