Have It Your Way: The 5 Most Popular Consumption Methods

Article by Canna Lance


Today there are many different ways to utilize cannabis. The question is:Which ones will get you the most elevated?

This is something that many individuals have asked themselves. In this article, we will break down some of the different consumption methods that are most common in order from the least psychoactive to the most potent.

1. Topicals

Transdermal patches, lotions, infused salves, cannabis creams, and bath bombs are just a few of the cannabis-infused topical products that can be utilized to reap the benefits of different cannabinoids.

Topical and transdermal utilization of cannabis should produce no high other than the one that you receive from feeling better and having a higher quality of life.

While topical products may contain THC, it is in the form of THCa in most cases which is the acidic non-psychoactive form of the cannabinoid. Topicals might not be suitable for getting high, but they are great for targeting specific areas of pain and inflammation as well as for treating various skin conditions.

2. Smoking

Inhalation methods such as smoking are one of the most common ways to utilize cannabis globally. Smoking is also one of the quickest ways to fill a psychoactive effect from cannabis. When you utilize cannabis in this manner, THC is quickly absorbed into the body through the alveoli in the lungs and then enters the bloodstream before reaching cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.

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