DHydra Technologies Changes the World

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DHydra Technologies Changes the World

High! Canada Magazine attended the Lift & Co Expo in Toronto recently and we were overwhelmed by the response to DHydra’s new technological advances in dehydrartion – to the point where DHydra was the toast of the Lift& Co Expo. There is no other way to say it: DHydra Technologies is disrupting the cannabis space. Many have done so before in this amazing new industry with companies of all kinds making waves.

But trust us, this isn’t hyperbole. This Canadian tech startup’s patented Rapid Low Thermal Dehydration (RLT) can continuously dry up to 150 pounds(!) of cannabis an hour, and depending on the strain, sometimes even less.

For those of us familiar with the drying process, this is unprecedented. For those of you who are still sceptical, here’s how it works:

Rapid Low Thermal Dehydration (RLT) works by removing moisture from the products centre irst rather than drying the product from the outside towards the centre. By processing the product in a vacuum at low temperatures and by removing the moisture at the core of the lower irst, we ensure that all of the valuable elements that are lost during traditional air drying stay on the lower. How? Water boils at 18 degrees Celsius in a vacuum and DHydra Technologies has managed to dial in that law of physics and use it to its advantage. The importance of this unique aspect is that it means the technology doesn’t negatively impact the product in any way. What it does, is capture water and low boiling point terpenes while preserving THC & CBD and remaining terpenes present on the product at the outset of the process. What that means is better cannabis, and a higher dry yield.

One of our advantages is also how DHydra controls energy into tightly deined regions. Rather than standing hotspots, DHydra controls the travelling waves of energy, allowing them to be applied evenly. Energy levels then match the plants’ ability to dry.

By heating the water rather than the plants’ nutrients and attributes, DHydra provides a superior result, including improved lavour and texture, while preserving the plants’ attributes. This also allows for maximum oil extraction yields.

“Typically the plant is dried in areas where humidity, temperature, light and other factors are under extreme control. In addition to this every grower has his, or her, unique way of drying by changing one or more of those inputs, end results are not always consistent or successful. Our science team at DHydra Technologies has sought to apply processes used in the food industry to cannabis so that the grower has the ability to obtain consistent results and to do it quickly. The way that we have achieved this has also proven to leave a superior product for the consumer to use and more dry product after processing,” says Ivan Zivkovic, Director Business Development & Sales.

Not only does DHydra Technologies increase cannabis product quality while reducing drying time and space, it also reduces the energy required, creating a signiicant environmental impact. This is important for the cannabis industry, because as it scales, it has been garnering (some legitimate) criticism for its potential environmental impact over time. Anything that can reduce that impact is welcomed by all of us.

With all of these attributes, it’s no surprise that a tier-one Licensed Producer with global market share has signed a deal for purchase of numerous units of its RLT Technology. This signiies a nod to its success so far and speaks to DHydra Technologies’ signiicant impact and future prospects.

“Dhydra Technologies Inc. may be a new name to the cannabis industry however our patented technology has been used to dry food, hops and herbs for years before we decided to apply it to cannabis. Years of research and development and food processing have gone into this technology before we decided that we can serve the needs of the emerging cannabis industry,” says Zivkovic.

DHydra’s technology was developed with the help of the Federal Government (National Research Council) and help from the B.C Provincial Government. The intent behind the technology was to assist farmers to rapidly dehydrate “unsellable” fruit and vegetable crops, for use in trail mix or other dehydrated food products, because their so-called “ugly” appearance made them undesirable to grocery store consumers. This would reduce food waste. Once the team realized its true potential impact, DHydra’s RLT became what it is today.

“DHydra Technologies is a family run and owned tech startup whose roots lie in the food industry. Now, this small organization is making waves in the cannabis industry. However the motivation of the team at DHydra is not necessarily to disrupt the cannabis business but to provide consumers with a superior product; what that product is, is almost irrelevant. It is also just as important to the team to provide Canadian farmers and growers with the ability to operate more eficiently, which is why the technology was developed in the irst place,” says Zivkovic.

With such humble beginnings and hopeful prospects, High! Canada welcomes DHydra to industry and is hopeful for what’s to come. DHydra Technologies provides a portable, affordable, scalable and on-site technology solution for harvesters and growers, wanting to reduce crop waste and ind more value in the crops they harvest. Rapid Low Thermal Dehydration (RLT) enables the grower/processor to rapidly dry product without negatively affecting its integrity or its yield.

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