CBD: Without Getting You High, Cannabis Can Still Result In A DUI

Article by Jason Tchir, Globe and Mail

Without getting you high, cannabis can still result in a DUI JASON TCHIR

You’re not allowed to drive smoking cannabis, period, even if it doesn’t get you high – and there’s still a chance that CBD could get you a DUI, experts say.
CBD stands for cannabidiol, which, like delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is one of the more than 100 different molecules in marijuana.
“THC and CBD are two separate molecules that produce different effects,” said Jenna Valleriani, postdoctoral fellow at the BC Centre on Substance Use. “THC, we know is psychoactive and intoxicating – CBD is still psychoactive but not intoxicating.”
Products with CBD, like oils and capsules, are sold with a variety of health claims such as reducing pain and calming anxiety – and in some U.S. states, CBD is even showing up in lattes. You can also buy high-CBD strains of marijuana with low levels of THC.
“CBD as a chemical is, in itself, not impairing – you cannot get high from cannabidiol and there’s no evidence to suggest it impairs your judgment,” said Robert Laprairie, a cannabinoid pharmacologist and assistant professor in the college of pharmacy and nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. “But a lot of the products that are commercially available that claim to be pure CBD haven’t been fully tested – so what you believe to be CBD oil could contain significant quantities of THC and, yes, it can be impairing.”

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