Casualties of The Drug War

Article by Canna Lance, Cannabis Life Network


Casualties of the drug war aren’t just those who choose to partake in an illegal substance whether it be consuming it, cultivating it, possessing it, or distributing it. We are all casualties of the war on drugs and more specifically the war against cannabis.

Casualties of the war against cannabis include mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, children, grandchildren and every person that is a part of our society.

When an individual chooses to utilize cannabis, whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes, they become a target for law enforcement officials trying to uphold the law in which they took an oath to protect. Unfortunately, the laws pertaining to cannabis are more harmful than the plant could ever be, and many times when these individuals are caught in possession of cannabis, it is not just them that are affected negatively. When someone is arrested for cannabis, which happens every minute of every day, it affects not only them but also their family, friends, and loved ones.

It also affects every other member of society as it requires law enforcement resources that could be utilized for crimes that actually have a victim rather than for chasing and arresting someone for a plant. This means that violent crimes such as rapes, burglaries, and even murder go unaddressed simply because the resources are not available.

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