American Epilepsy Society Accepts Marijuana Extract Obliterates Seizures in Epileptic Children

Article by Amando Flavio, AnonHQ


As the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) continues to display its arrogance, refusing to remove marijuana from schedule 1 of the Control Substance Act (CSA), thanks to certified professional bodies in the country, more and more details on medical efficacy of the plant is being revealed.

On August 11, 2016 the DEA turned down two petitions. One was from the governors of Rhode Island and Washington, and the other from a resident of New Mexico, requesting that marijuana be removed from Schedule I of the CSA. The removal from schedule I would have ensured that official scientific research is carried on the plant, across the United States.

But the DEA still held that marijuana has high abuse potential; no medical use; severe safety concerns; and that there is no available scientific research to prove otherwise.

This arrogant DEA response has angered Washington state officials, who are now saying that the state will defy the federal ban to issue licenses to laboratories in the state to grow the marijuana for scientific study.

Also, a study conducted recently by two researchers from the University of Georgia shed more light on the medicinal and economic benefits of marijuana. The study, published in the journal Health Affairs, revealed that legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes has helped the United States save $165.2 million in medical care costs in 2013, alone.

To add to the growing body of evidence of medical prowess of marijuana, a medical charity in Illinois – the American Epilepsy Society (AES) – has now announced, that a study it supervised has proven that marijuana is an effective cure for seizures, especially in children. The AES has accepted the study in its online journal.

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