The Karma Cup

Karma Cup 2019 location announcement church stThe Karma Cup has been Canada’s largest strain-judging competition. Created by Sarah Sunday, it focuses on being scientific, keeping detailed notes on how strains have done in the past as well as lab testing of all entries.

The inaugural Karma Cup in 2014 had over 75 entries. Since then it has been steadily growing. The second iteration drew 100 usable entries (15 indica, 12 sativa, 19 hybrid, 15 shatter, 7 budder, 5 solventless, 18 edibles, and 9 topical),  and added 2 new heady glass categories, one for collectors and one for creators.

the-karma-cup-logoFor the 3rd annual event (October 22nd & 23rd 2016) The Karma Cup has 109 different samples with multiple new categories, including one for disposable/cartridge vape pens. There are 22 edible samples, 11 topicals, and 22 heady glass pieces, with glass only being judged visually. Here’s how the buds are divided: 5 sativa, 11 hybrids, 8 indica, 4 organic and 5 CBD. The concentrates are broken up as such: 5 sativa shatters, 9 hybrid shatters, 7 indica shatters, 6 budder/wax/crumble, 5 THC distillates, 5 solventless and 7 vape pens. There is also a large “swag bag” included in the judges kit (unboxing video). The Karma Cup will also for the first time feature a two day festival with live music, food trucks, vendor booths, and a medication zone originally planned for Polson Pier. Due to police complications, the location has undergone a last minute change. See most recent information here.

The 4th Karma Cup (September 9th & 10th 2017) The vendors marketplace was once again held at 512 Church St. in Toronto. Judges rated 136 products in 15 categories to come up with the best cannabis products in Canada.

For all the information on the 5th Karma Cup Here.

The 6th annual Karma Cup is taking place in Toronto on September 7th & 8th, at 412 Church St.

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For full 2016 Karma Cup results and entries in High Resolution, click Here.

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