Women in Weed: Talking to Bree Leigh In Toronto

Article by Cy Williams, High! Canada

Women in Weed: Talking to Bree Leigh In Toronto

High! Canada Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Bree Leigh to talk about her women in weed experiences. We are sing down with Bree at the Healing Tree at College and Bathurst in Toronto.

So Bree tell our readers a little bit about yourself

I am an all around Canadian girl. I started modeling a couple years ago. When I realized I couldn’t really work due to being diagnosed with epilepsy at a prey young age I had to start figuring something out. Epilepsy kind of started my path leading me to where I am now.

What lead you into the cannabis industry?

I got diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 17. I’m currently 27 years old so it’s been an uphill bale with pills, doctor’s appointments, health and all of that kind of stuff. I couldn’t do school, I got taken out of work because my epileptic seizures were so uncontrolled. It was a really tough me trying to organize my body correctly. I was going in and out of the hospital a lot. My dogs would sense when I’m about to have a seizure, they would get all weird. So I spent the first 5 years with my diagnosis going to doctors and taking pills with no change.

What turned you onto cannabis?

There always was talk of cannabis around. A few doctors had told me not to try it so I was trying all natural things to find out what could not kill my body, liver and future. The pills were hurting my body and half the time putting me in to seizures anyways. I got put on Dilantin and I was taken back to the hospital within 24 hours with another seizure. With most pills it will take your body me to adjust however my body was not adjusting to any pills the doctors were giving me. So when I looked in to natural remedies the fir st and most popular thing that showed up was cannabis. I mentioned it to a few doctors and they wanted nothing to do with it but eventually a couple doctors opened up to me and I went on the great path. So I s tarted using cannabis, I s tarted eating it, drinking it in my tea, and taking it at certain parts of the day, I even put cannabis oil on my foot to sooth it. When I starting using medical marijuana I s tarted having no seizures. I didn’t s top taking my pills however the use of cannabis was when my seizures finally s tarted to stop.

What were you telling your doctors?

For the fir st few years my doctors through the hospital would not prescribe it for me. I contacted a place that I had a meeting with a nurse then a doctor. They diagnosed me and assessed me and then taught me how to properly dose myself and it prey much went from there. I got my card, s tarted ordering online. I started realizing ordering online was not convenient for me but after I got my card every thing started to look up, I have access to edibles, I was able to treat myself normally. With these pills I was taking from the doctors I was sleeping for hours, I would go periods of not being hungry and then I’d be hungry for hours, it was very all over the place. It wasn’t healthy. I looked in to what these pills would be doing to my liver in the future and it was absolutely outrageous.

What is your quality of life like now?

When I was younger I was on 8 pills a day four times twice daily . So that was absolutely disgusting the pills would make me sleep for hours. A couple years down the road I s tarted medical cannabis and I went down to 4 pills twice daily. Then I went on to 2 pills. I completely stopped the pills this year and nothing has happened. I am waking up rejuvenated. My doctor wasn’t really supportive of the situation and that’s why I decided to lower my dosage of pills. Now that I am off the pills I am eating and sleeping normally. I haven’t had an aura in almost 10 months. What an aura means is I could sense myself about to have a seizure, so I don’t have auras anymore. I had a déjà vu spell; I looked into it and does lead into epilepsy. I had one déjà vu spell for one whole year. I would have aura’s weekly even on the medication. So I was very nervous all the me to go out or work or any regular day-to-day activities. Driving was a big one for me it took a long me to even get my license back.

Can you discuss with us any challenges or adversity you’ve had to overcome adopting a full me role in the expanding Canadian cannabis market and how you’ve overcome them?

One of the challenges that I have faced included finding a doctor to get behind using medicinal cannabis. I had to step out of the box quite a bit. Secondly my drivers licence got taken away the second I got to the hospital. I had to get my drivers licence all over again. As soon as I started on medical cannabis everything started to flow normally with my body. I was able to calm down my brain and focus on normal things in my daily life. I can work now. I don’t believe in my head that I need pills because I have seen and am seeing what medical cannabis is doing to my body and how it has helped me.

Can you tell us about the Healing Tree, what is up and coming and all together an average day here at the Healing Tree?

What I’m working on now is mostly photo shoots, I have some traveling coming up as well. What I am doing day to day is trying to show the community what the Healing Tree has to offer, their cannabis has helped me so much. When I come to the Healing Tree I like to help out and tell my story. I have come across people with many illnesses and this is the only thing helping them. If it’s helping me and my epilepsy and people with crohn’s and other illnesses then clearly it is working. A daily routine is mostly photo shoots, supporting the medical cannabis market right now, trying to just get people to understand how good cannabis is for them instead of just taking a pill.

What are your plans for the future, personally and professionally?

Professionally my plans for the future I definitely want to keep in the medical cannabis community privatized medical dispensaries where you can pick up your medicine. I really want to continue to support that. My plans for the future, well you’re definitely going to be seeing a lot more of my modeling so stay tuned for that. My website is www.breeleighmodel.com and my Instagram is www.instagram.com/breeleighig

You can also find me on the Healing Tree with many other of my Toronto supporters.

What are three things you think everyone should be doing?

I think everyone should be looking into more natural ways of living, not just smoking cannabis but all together natural living. I think everyone should look into the privatized cannabis dispensary market, you have a one on one interaction with people behind the counter, you don’t have to wait, you can see what is in stock no hassle with shipping and receiving. With privatized dispensaries the staff is knowledgeable and I can see what I am getting. Lastly everyone needs to eliminate all the negativity in his or her lives.

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