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Talking to Mel in Kingston

Hi Mel – Thank you so much for speaking to us. Mel lives in Kingston, Ontario and is an artist, epileptic, Chronic smoker, lupus survivor, grower & Baker.

In 2015, My life was on a great path. I was prepping for my registered massage therapy board exams, ready to enjoy the fruits of my labours and start my own Massage business. Then suddenly I suffered 3 Major Clonic Tonic seizures in my sleep. My body was so sore. My mind was so scrambled. How did this even happen? I tried to push through, but had lost my license, was forced to move back to my parents, I failed the Registered Massage therapy board exams, I was devastated, I became depressed but I turned to art & cannabis to cope.

Tell us about how you got involved in the cannabis industry? What is your particular cannabis industry entry point origin story?

I have always dabbled in outdoor growing, making my own infused budders & oils. But recently I started creating glow in the dark, Blacklight reactive Holographic art and realized soon that most of my customers were stoners as well. It wasn’t until I met Cy & Richard from High Canada Magazine that my mind was opened and I realized that my dream of massage didn’t have to end because I was ill. I can take advantage of these changing times and finally found a way to incorporate all of my passions into one.

Did you encounter any challenges or adversity to adopting a full time role in the expanding Canadian cannabis market and if so what did you do to overcome them and successfully move forward?

Having Lupus – I don’t look sick. Therefore I have often heard that smoking cannabis is probably why I feel sick, why I have extreme fatigue and whole list of other ailments. Cannabis is not the reason.

What are you working on now. Can you run us through an average day for you?

Most of my days consist of waking up, drinking chai tea, smoking weed as pain management and inspiration for creating art then I repeat.

Plans for the future – personally and professionally

My goal is to incorporate my education of anatomy, physiology and relaxation and create Melo Moments which is a 420 friendly massage & integrative art studio where I can help heal the world one bong, one canvas and one muscle at a time.

Last question – what are three things that you think everyone should be doing?

I believe everyone should be following, living and sharing your passions!!!

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