Woman in Weed: Virginia Vidal

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Woman in Weed: Virginia Vidal

Virginia Vidal is a staple in the Canadian cannabis scene. If there was one product to really stand out over the last few years it is without a doubt – Marys Wellness. The person behind Marys Wellness is Virginia Vidal.

When asked by High! Canada Magazine about his Mother Virginia, her son Ricardo, had this to say:

“Virginia Vidal; is so much more than words. She is my mother; an Activist; and a Movaonal public speaker; She is the mainstream face of Cannabis, a symbol for mothers; women and entrepreneurs.

She is the friendly face at every Cannabis event; she is the personality people gather around just to feel the energy she brings to the room.

A marketing Guru and webmaster early on; she was taken back by the responsibility of caring for triplets; and her aging grandma.”

Discovering the benefits of medical cannabis more than a decade ago, and used it to help bring her triplet pregnancy full term followed by 6 surgeries in 3 years after the birth of her triplets.

Facing an arrest and criminal charges in 2010 V. Vidal was charged for using cannabis to relieve her symptoms. As a mother of six concerned about the pungent odour of cannabis smoke, she found her own way to medicate inconspicuously and turned that into one of Canada’s fastest growing edibles companies. Vidal launched Marys Wellness Cannabis infused Beverages – a healthy, tasty, infused line of products available across Canada.

Most recently she’s appeared on CBC’s Dragons Den representing Marys Wellness as the CEO and Founder;

Virginia, Tell us about how you got involved in the cannabis industry and what led you into a career within the Canadian cannabis industry? Essentially, what is your particular cannabis industry entry point origin story?

After self-representing for 12 months and being acquired, I felt the need to medicate discreetly and felt others like myself would also benefit from the ability to medicate discreetly while caring for themselves and others. The Tea is a healthy way to medicate

Did you encounter any challenges or adversity to adopting a full-time role in the expanding Canadian cannabis market and if so what did you do to overcome them and successfully move forward?

In the beginning, we have had many challenges and learning curves; partners provide sub-quality products for our line; We learned to manage every aspect with our own team to ensure quality;

We learned that bootstrapping a company, and keeping it family owned and run is a challenge in the industry where companies are diluted; with shareholders and large corporate interests;

We learned that people care about authenticity; and through hard work and genuine interactions; our brand has grown to be loved across the country; making those late nights working overtime on the 7th day of the week worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us in our cannabis marketplace.

What are you working on now? Can you run us through an average day for you?

Ok I will give you an example of today.

I woke up at 6:30 am; made a Marys Wellness energy blend of Green tea with Ginseng. Then on to breakfast with the triplets than to making them lunch and dropping off the triplets at school.

Into my office for 8:45; strategic sessions with my business partner; looking over the facility to make sure everything is in order; checking stock logs; Interviews and phone calls; speaking with various collections of magazines; podcasts; online bloggers; and conferences; foreign press; TV producers for industry documentaries or local news programs; booking speaking appointments and appearances; outlining articles; Then its on to Lunch; Vegetarian of course 🙂 and another glass of Marys Tea; Meengs and checking email; the rest of my days are typically meeting my business partner and various other interested pares looking to contribute towards the company in one way or another; whether it be business strategy; PR; manufacturing; other business ventures; or possibly even a beauty care line; my days are typically filled with meeting a variety of people and personalities; one in the cannabis industry, and even outsiders looking for a relatable; honest; authentic brand to stand behind and get in to the cannabis industry;

Email is much more complicated these days; its not just my personal and business email address; I am often pressed to answer multiple people via phone calls; facebook; twier; instagram; direct message all asking a variety of questions from; how do I make a glass of tea; to where do I buy tea; how do I do what I do; the questions are quite the variety and are ever changing; however, I enjoy making sure I personally respond to the people who have taken the time to reach out to our brand. Then its back home to pick up the triplets from school; cook up an after-school  ack; bond and talk with my children about their day; their life; their plans; and then the uncomfortable part their homework;

Aer the children are red from playing and finally asleep; I have me to work on Speech wring for the next upcoming speaking event; whether it be Cannabis Life; Pace Radio; Tea and Herb Association of Canada; a CTV appearance; or even the book my son insisted I write., Once my energy is spent on those tasks; I brew a Marys Wellness Sleep and Relax tea; enjoy some light reading and proceed to sleep; few have gotten to experience; and we look forward to sharing this experience with everyone;

Personally; I look forward to a beautiful “garden of flowers” on the islands of Portugal; with wifi; still checking my emails and making sure everyone who reaches out to Marys Wellness gets the compassion they deserve; providing the healing power of tea to as many people as we can possibly reach.

Last question – what are three things that you think everyone should be doing?

1)Drink Marys Wellness Tea; Great way to introduce Cannabis into your life; this low-level dosage of cannabis in the form of a tea, is a great way to bring the healing powers of cannabis into your life with the inability that often comes with cannabis use;

2)Visit www.maryswellness.com; Watch our story; see our brand; join us in support of providing the world with the healing power of Cannabis through our tea;

3)Love your Family; be kind to each other; share a pot of Mary’s tea with someone and bond to another human through a genuine experience;

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, we do adore you as High! Canada Magazine’s Best of Prohibion top brand.

Mary’s Wellness has been selected to appear in an upcoming episode of DRAGONS’ DEN, airing October 18, at 8:00 PM (8:30NT) on CBC Television.

Mary’s Wellness is currently the most established infused tea brand in the country. They are a trusted family-owned business with a loyal following. They are highly recognized within the cannabis industry.

Launching a business is no small task. No matter how big an idea you think you have, it still takes a lot of work and a ton of cash. Enter DRAGONS’ DEN, where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to a panel of Canadian business moguls who have the cash and the know-how to make it happen. They’ve all been there themselves, so pitchers better not enter the Den unprepared. It takes more than passion to convince these boardroom barons that an idea is worth their investment. The Dragons are ruthless and rightly so – it’s their own personal money on the line.

In addition to its success on-air, DRAGONS’ DEN is also a hit online, boasting an active and engaged online community and averaging more than 450,000 page views per month. Full episodes and exclusive behind-the-scenes content can be viewed at cbc.ca/dragonsden.

DRAGONS’ DEN is filmed at the CBC Broadcasting Centre in Toronto and airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC Television. Tracie Tighe is executive producer and Molly Middleton and Yee Vandendam are senior producers. Dianne Buckner hosts.

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