Trudeau’s Timeline: Countdown to Another Broken Promise?

Article by Debi Facey, Cannabis Culture

Trudeau’s Timeline: Countdown to Another Broken Promise?

As the Liberal’s promised legalization date of July 1, 2018 nears, Canadian Premiers have demanded an extension. The question now is, will Trudeau go forward as planned, or will the Liberal party’s federal timeline be another failure on their record?

For their part, the Premiers formed a working group on cannabis at this year’s annual summer meeting of provincial and territorial leaders. The group has detailed their concerns on five crucial issues that the federal government needs to solve.  On the list of concerns were road safety, distribution, taxation, public education /supply and demand and how the new rules will affect the black market.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Alberta counterpart Premier Rachel Notley stated the federal government has not provided the necessary support to their respective governments and that they would prefer a more manageable date of July 2019.

Trudeau has previously made it clear that he’s aiming for the set date of 2018.

It’s been more than two years since Trudeau announced the “strict framework” to be finalized in June 2018.. During his initial announcement, he stated the feds plan gives each Province, Territory, and Municipality the power to set their own licensing, distribution, and retail sales rules, as well as establish provincial zoning rules for cannabis business and provincial traffic safety laws above and beyond the federal statute.

Trudeau has said his government plans to work with each Province to create individual rules and regulations.
The federal government hasn’t come to final formula to split the unit taxes, sales taxes. The Premiers have proposed tax revenue from cannabis sales be used to cover, costs associated with land use, licensing applications for businesses, and law enforcement. And yet, Justin Trudeau maintains unrestricted tax dollars generated by cannabis would go towards addiction treatments, mental-health support, and educational programs. Liberals declarations have dictated legalization of marijuana, and any windfall cash, should be treated as a public health and safety issue.

What about all that cash?
At present, Canada’s has 45 licensed producers with an estimated of 400 more waiting for a green-light to produce in 2018, the question asked by many is, will supply be able to meet demand?

Current licensed producers have begun to plan expansion of their facilities to meet the recreational cannabis users demands. With the huge spike of registered users and a 10 percent growths every month, all current licensed producers are anticipating huge demand increases after July 2018.

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