The New Faces of Cannabis: High! Canada is sits down with Humble Howard Glassman

Article by Cy Williams & Phil Wong, High! Canada

The New Faces of Cannabis: High! Canada is sits down with Humble Howard Glassman

High! Canada is sitting down with Humble Howard to talk about his weed renaissance. How did the weed renaissance come about, what were you doing before that?

I was getting super hammered all the time, I do this joke about how you know that you have a drinking problem. I had this epiphany one day, I was drinking a glass of wine and thought hmm what would go good with this wine? It turned out that was vodka so I thought; maybe it’s time to stop. I had always been a weed smoker off and on but for a long time in my 20’s and early 30’s I was trying other drugs. Some of the ones that don’t make you as mellow, I did a lot of those drugs and weed was kind of an afterthought. My ex-wife when I met her was really into pot so I kind of kept in touch with weed for a while. Then I stopped drinking and I want to say this, weed is not a replacement for getting drunk. I think for a lot of older people, their memories are of getting hammered and getting blasted at parties but what I think they haven’t caught on yet that there is weed renaissance going on all around them. There’s so many ways to use marijuana that are good for the older crowd not just smoking and getting high but really beneficial. 27 months ago when I stopped drinking, I had found a dispensary, I went through them, I got my medical marijuana license. I had to go behind a curtain and I had an interview over Skype with a doctor. He said ‘tell me what the problem is’, I said neck, back, shoulders, he said ‘okay okay fine’. So I got a prescription for CannaClinic. For the longest time, I only went to CannaClinics and my driver’s license showed them that I was a client, then they got busted and I started going to other dispensaries. The second level of dispensaries I went to didn’t even require an exam they just needed my driver’s license to see that I was over 19 and that was it. So that’s how it started, I got into it slowly – I was always a hash fan.

How was your transition from alcohol to weed, did you find there was a lot to choose from in the cannabis options now?

I don’t use marijuana or any substance to supplement getting drunk. I don’t feel I have ever gotten too high either. I was confused at the beginning, I was curious to know how everything worked. When we were kids we just smoked weed, it was generic, you had a joint no one really got high back then, on occasion you’d have something really good and had a taste of what being high was like. When I first started back a couple years ago I had no idea how strong it had gotten. I remember I did a dab for the first time and honestly, I thought I was going blind in one eye. When I first came back what was interesting to me was how strong everything was. How much more there was – like different strains and different purposes for these strains. I think the biggest revolution is people as they age looking for weed products, CBD oils and such that will help them instead of taking a bunch of shitty medication.

We noticed most of your cannabis comes from the black market do you have interest in learning more about LP’s?

Yes, one of the things I want to learn about is how the licenced producers and the people distributing cannabis-based products work. I want to know what they’re up to. I look forward to seeing what strains to use based on their recommendations.

What would you like to do on your bucket list for weed?

I think what I would like to learn to do is how to use the right combination of CBD and THC to do two things. I find marijuana products make my body feel better I have had a lot of injury in my life, a lot of repetitive stress injuries, marijuana makes me feel immediately better. I also like the space it puts me in. So I want to learn more about how to micromanage personal strains or edibles that is right for each individual person. Those are the things I look forward to just as I look forward to seeing everybody at the Lift expo!

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