Smoke Signals’ 2018 Indigenous Cannabis Cup

Article by Mel W, High! Canada

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The first ever Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup is turning out to potentially be one of the greatest events of the year. With 12 performances 11 Guest speakers and over 60 Canna vendors there is literally something for everyone 19 and over that can appreciate the cannabis plant.

They have Juno award-winning, Juno award nominated, True Reggae & Hip Hop artists, comedians as well as a six-piece band. Even Doctors, Scientists and Bob Marley’s own Granddaughter as guest speakers to deliver some amazing workshops, where we will teach everything from Yoga, why good soil is so important, to growing, selling and the legalities of the cannabis industry.

Host Jamie Kunkel at Smoke Signals is providing free fish fry’s, campfires, tent camping, fireworks and more. With 4 days of education, networking, cannabis, games & caffeine this is an event that you won’t want to miss.

Smoke Signals’ 2018 Indigenous Cannabis Cup welcomes peoples from all nations to come together to give thanks for Cannabis. A key feature of the Cup is a unique workshop series that has something for everyone. Smoke Signals’ 2018 Indigenous Cannabis Cup’s Workshops Series includes presentations for those who want to learn how to grow, distribute and sell cannabis. This workshop series is also unique because there is ample opportunity for individuals to learn more about Cannabis, about its relation to Yoga, the production of topicals as well as its complex relation to the human spirit.

The intention of Smoke Signals’ 2018 Indigenous Cannabis Cup- Workshops Series is to provide valuable and practical knowledge, free of charge, to event participants from every walk of life addressing key issue and special topics particular to the Indigenous Cannabis Industry. Smoke Signals’ 2018 Indigenous Cannabis CupWorkshops Series is unique in that it is grassroots series open to all people wishing to learn and grow their knowledge and relationship to Cannabis.

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