Sex and the Single Stoner: Using Cannabis to Spark Up the Bedroom

Article by Backy Garrison, The Fresh Toast via Toronto Sun

SEX AND THE SINGLE STONER: Using cannabis to spark up the bedroom BY BECKY GARRISON, THE FRESH TOAST Relaxed couple smoking weed and flirting at night club party, carefree life Relaxed couple smoking weed and flirting at night club party, carefree life

Call it tokes for strokes.

Babeland — a woman-founded adult entertainment store — educates people about how cannabis can enhance their sex life.

Here are some pointers;

Preparation for Using Cannabis During Sex

Before adding cannabis to your sex life, have a conversation outside of the bedroom. Go on a casual date for a chat regarding the expectations of sex and cannabis when all parties are sober.

Try any cannabis products you’d like to use in the bedroom by yourself so you can see how you react before you enjoy cannabis with a partner.

For most people, a very high THC strain tends to make them too sleepy to be sexy, while a high CBD strain doesn’t elevate their mood.

A 50/50 hybrid can work as a great combination to help put one in a sexy space without going to sleep.

Also, have some flavoured lube at your disposal. Cotton mouth after consuming cannabis is a real sensation, and dry mouth can interfere with any stimulation involving the mouth.

A flavoured lube allows you to salivate and also keep your mouth well lubricated without the bad aftertaste sometimes associated with non-flavoured lube.

Heighten Sexual Sensations with Cannabis

The body’s natural response to sexual arousal consists of a hormone flush, blood rush, ejaculation, and orgasm, while cannabinoids will bring blood flow to a specific area.

When the blood flow is triggered, it increases hormones like serotonin and oxytocin. (Also, cannabinoids can help with cramps, low libido, and vaginal dryness.)

After taking cannabis, slowly build arousal by using a massage candle. When lit, this candle produces a warm oil that’s the temperature of bathwater. Giving and receiving a massage with this oil will push blood flow around the body, thus increasing arousal. Consider adding a blindfold as it cuts off one’s sense of sight, which will then heighten other sensations.

Enjoying Cannabis Edibles, Wine, and Sex

Try a cannabis-infused edible if you want more of a body high. Combining a cannabis edible with wine is one way to get an extra boost. Then begin to engage in foreplay and you’ll be ready for game time by the time the edible kicks in.

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