The Relief Center on Queen East was Raided by Police, Sunday

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The Relief Center

Breaking News: was notified by an employee of The Relief Center, 328 Queen St. E. (Queen & Parliament) about being raided Sunday. No information has been released by Toronto police about the incident, yet. The Relief Center employee stated that they were raided Sunday by police, without a search warrant. Along with not having a search warrant, the police did not give notice to the dispensary leading up to the raid. This is surprising because most Toronto dispensary raids happened after weeks of escalating tension between police/by-law officers and landlords renting to dispensaries. When was visiting in the summer, to do a dispensary review, there was one incident shared involving a police officer, but things had been uneventful for a few months now.

Unfortunately the Toronto Police Services are continuing to enforce the law, even with Justin Trudeau continuing to promise a legal, regulated, recreational market for cannabis in the near future. This grey area opens the industry to a bunch of attacks. In the past few months there has been an increase in Toronto dispensary robberies, often involving weapons and occasionally resulting in injury. The Toronto Police Services held a press conference Monday, addressing the violence. With increased robberies, and police raiding dispensaries without a search warrant, it’s hard to tell where the legal line is drawn. I hope this confusion is cleared up soon with the implementation on a fully recreational and legal system. This will hopefully stop robberies and police raids on dispensaries.

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