The Proposed Cannabis Act Early Press Release!

Health Canada to direct nearly $10 million for marijuana public education programming, monitoring The government will direct $9.6 million over 5 years for public education programs and seeks to create a sustainable tax revenue system for legal marijuana

Shortly after noon, the House of Commons introduced a bill, with a quick press meeting to go over the detail of the bill. The full reading of the bill will take place at 1 pm here. Below are the quick details:

  • Adults are allowed to possess and share no more than 30 gram of cannabis with adults
  • Kids are not allowed to posses cannabis
  • Kids that do possess small amounts of cannabis will not receive criminal charges.
  • Cannabis will be sold through stores and can be produced at home in limited quantities
  • Cannabis can not be sold, mixed with other drugs like tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, etc
  • This bill does not specify the sales environment, this lets the provinces regulate how they would like it sold.
    • This does not prevent Ontario from having Cannabis sales in the LCBO!
  • There will be restrictions on adverting cannabis & it’s associated products similar to tobacco
    • No targeting to kids
    • Edibles will be allowed once proper laws are in place
    • No false or misleading advertising
  • All producers will need a federal license
  • There will be new enforcement groups to police the new cannabis laws
  • Possession for illegal sales $200 fine
  • Large illegal sales or sales to youth, 14 years in jail
  • There will be a serious step up in drug impaired driving crackdowns
  • 3 types of offences
    • Summary conviction, small fine (2-5 nanogram /mL of Blood, max $1,000 no driving 1 yr)
    • Drugs alone >5 nanogram /mL of Blood
    • Drugs & alcohol mix ( 2.5nano/mL 50ml alcohol/100mL)
      • 1st offence min $1,000 1 day suspension
      • 2nd offence 30 day suspension
      • 3rd time 120 day suspension
    • This could happen for smelling like weed, having red eyes, or speech abnormalities.

More information coming at the bill reading here at 1pm.

About Toronto Toker

I am a medical marijuana patient and youtuber, and have been for a few years. I am very passionate and knowledgable about cannabis. I want to help share my knowledge with inexperienced patients through Dankr, and review products to ensure there is a standard in the community.

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