Project Gator Could Have Harsher Penalties Than Cocaine Trafficking

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As another day in court went by, I continues to realize how convoluted and messed up our court system truly is. As I sat beside Marc Emery and the rest of the Cannabis Culture 5, we witnessed an individual getting sentenced for being caught with roughly 2 ounces of cocaine, scale, sold to undercover oofficers, etc. The cocaine was tested at 50% purity; with the judge saying it’s unlikely he’s a “street dealer” but higher up.

This individual being in his early/mid twenties with two pervious (non-drug related) charges resulted in only a 90-day charge. To help fit his work schedule, the 90-days is to be served on weekends.

Witnessing this left me scratching my head… How can someone only temporarily loose their weekends for selling ounces of cocaine, but the individuals in the Cannabis Culture/Project Gator trial face potentially drastically harsher penalties for a plant?

After those events: Marc, Jodie, Erin, Chris, and Britney were called before the judge. Discloser was privately given to the accused and today we waited to see if the trial would start. As with most things in court, the hearing was delayed until another time. The crown was eager to get the trial started, and resisted pushing it off until July 2017. As a result, the next hearing will be June 26th at 10 AM in room 117.

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