Nuit Verte Roundup

Nuit Verte was an event that was held on the evening of Sunday, September 24, 2016. Every two weeks, undisclosed locations host The Green Market on Sunday afternoon, and this time around, it was a special one. We headed down to check it out.

The event itself was very well run. Tickets were $10 in advance on Eventbrite (And $20 at the door), with all sorts of giveaways at the door. We each were given a Pharma Bee Honey Stick which usually retails for about $50 at dispensaries. There were also seeds from Crop King, as well as rolling papers and all sorts of other things weed-related. The event location was a secret up until noon on the day of, so we won’t actually talk about it here, but they made it fairly easy to find once the time was right. What was can say is that it was at a Gym/Obstacle Course venue just off of Downtown Toronto. Parking was plentiful, but we don’t recommend driving.

Why? Free Samples! Even if you don’t plan on having any, we’re sure something will catch your eye. And then you’ll have some more. And then some more. We’ve seen it happen. Don’t drive high, people!



Nearly every booth is giving away something for free. We recommend actually purchasing from the vendors, because 1) the deals are amazing 2) supporting the vendors means better events in the future and 3) you actually get to try what you’re eating before you buy.

Album: Vendor Photographs

Note: We didn’t have a chance to get pictures and talk to every single vendor, so if you were at the event and we’ve missed you, let us know!

Free Dabs: Fun for the whole family!

Free Dabs: Fun for the whole family!


The High Five's booth. Swag, infused edibles and more

The High Five’s booth. Swag, infused edibles and more


Queens of Cannabis: Edibles and drinkables!

Queens of Cannabis: Edibles and drinkables!



Extreme infusions: Infused maple syrup, cookies and honey


Cannabis, sex and lube, oh my!

Cannabis, sex and lube, oh my! They were promoting for some other events and groups, but the music was too loud so we couldn’t hear what they were saying 🙁 Our one complaint.



Cannabombs! We didn’t have a chance to sample, but we’re going to do a review soon, check them out.



We love Fritz’s! Their infused Fruity Pebbles Bars are amazing! Check them out on Instagram


You can even buy art!

You can even buy art! Theresa made beautiful art you could touch!


More delicious edibles!

More delicious edibles curtesy of Minor Cares!



Last but not least, one of our favourites, Blessed Edibles! Check out a review here!

For more Green Market events see our Events Page here.

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