Nothing To Fear But Legalization

Article by Julia Veintrop, Cannabis Life Network


It is happening more and more. It used to be the odd random time but now, when I converse with my friends working in the Cannabis industry, legalization is always a topic. Crushing exorbitant fines and a 14 year jail sentence are nothing to blow smoke at.

The options for those who work in cannabis are simple yet unappealing; stop any production or activity that goes against the new rules, or, keep on keeping on.

Everyone I have spoken with has some degree of concern for their personal well-being in the face of these cannabis consequences and that is completely understandable. However, I am genuinely not the least bit concerned even though they will be gunning for people like me … Here’s why.

Background info: I could get in trouble…

Personally, I am in a position that makes me as liable as can be. I manage a very vocal compassion club that is extremely public in its refusal to comply. Currently, I am the only person other than Ted Smith with financial signing authority for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club. I am Vice President of the Board of Directors and have almost finished a full two-year term. My name can be found on many a legal document and with my signature written below it, so plausible deniability is not an option.

I am also a medical patient who relies on my dispensary. I am 31 years old and have had 16 operations, some of which have been serious enough to force me to travel. Regardless, I cannot find a doctor who will sign an ACMPR.

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