Many Flaws With The 1-Metre Home-Growing Rule

Article by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network


Health Canada’s failures in the medical regime are evident. And recreational cannabis legalization won’t fare any better. Just look at the proposed “1-metre” rule for home-growing and its many flaws.

If there’s an Idiot’s Guide to Growing Cannabis, I suggest sending a bunch of copies to politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa.

Growing cannabis from seed requires culling the male plants. And unless I’m mistaken, it’s pretty much impossible to tell the difference between male and female seedlings until after they sprout, which is about one month.

Does Ottawa expect us to limit our seedlings to 4 plants? To buy expensive and sub par “feminized” seeds from their approved licensed producers (LPs)? To just play by the rules and hope for the best?

That is, remain ignorant about whether one is growing male or female plants until after they sprout?

What happens if my legal 4 seedlings turn out to be all males? According to the rules, I’d have to start all over again, weeks after planting.

I guess I’ll have to buy an LP starter kit. It’s already happening in the medical regime: LPs are selling live plants, essentially clones at $20 each, plus shipping and taxes.

Home-growing, like other aspects of legalization, is still a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If I start off with 10 or more seedlings, with every intention of culling back to four females, I could face fines up to $5000 and between 6 months and 14 years in jail.

So much for legalization.

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