Major Court Case Coming Up For April 21st

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April 6th marked the fourth weekly trips for Chris and Erin Goodwin into court to see what will happen with his accused breach of bail conditions stemming from the Good Weeds Lounge & Project Gator raids. Previous court hearings resulted in dates being reset for the following week. This week was slightly different though.

Rather than the usual long process of waiting, being redirected to other courtrooms, and recesses, things went quite smoothly once court started. The judge thought it was best to deal with Chris Goodwin’s accused breach of bail conditions on April 21, with the other “Cannabis Culture 5” court hearing. 

The court hearing will take place at 9AM in courtroom 114. This hearing will address Project Gator and all five accused (Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin, and Britney Guerra) are expected to be present. At this hearing it is expected for the crown to disclose the case information, so the accused can start working on their defence.

CC5 Project gator project claudia erin goodwin chris goodwin marc emery jodie emery britney guerra cannabis culture weed shop dispensary

There is always the chance that the crown may not be ready, and will ask to have the date rescheduled. Either way, it would be great to get the community out to show support on April 21st at 9AM in courtroom 114! See you there…
For the full list of dispensary raids since Trudeau took office, click here.

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