It’s Not Easy Being Green for Cannabis Growers in Canada

Article by Amanda Scriver, Leafy News

CANADAINDUSTRY It’s Not Easy Being Green for Cannabis Growers in Canada AMANDA SCRIVER Photo by Jesse Milns

You may not know this, but Canada has the 11th highest ecological footprint in the world, even though it ranks 37th in terms of population.

Many Canadians seem to be concerned about the environmental issues we’re facing, but there still seems to be a lack of understanding of how to make things better in the long run. For example, the cannabis industry and the packaging regulations established since legalization have been nothing short of excessive.

For everyday consumers accustomed to black market “dime bags”, the newly regulated containers and boxes can seem especially wasteful.

Cannabis Packaging Regulated by Health Canada

If you’ve watched any of the unboxing videos posted online, the first critique from legal cannabis consumers is often frustration over the multi-layered packaging.

Retailers and producers aren’t to blame though.

Stringently labeled, child-proof packaging is mandated to assist in the government’s goal to deter making cannabis accessible to young people—excess packaging is one unfortunate side effect.

Health Canada’s packaging requirements, stipulate that all packaging must have a child-resistant top; display the red THC symbol and yellow health warning; is tamper-evident, can prevent contamination, keeps cannabis dry, is designed to contrast with the colours of the standardized cannabis symbol, and be in a plain solid uniform colour.

Health Canada, for its part, is taking steps to address packaging sizes. Buried deep inside their plans to regulate edibles and extracts is a proposal that would allow licensed producers to use expanded panels on labels, such as peel-back and accordion panels, to display mandatory information while simultaneously allowing for packages to shrink in size.

“As you can appreciate and understand, cannabis companies in the space have had to move incredibly fast to get on the market,” Deepak Anand, CEO and Co-Founder Materia Ventures, who notes that the perfect supply chain process can usually take years to figure out. Anand believes that packaging falls under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility, and agrees it is an important conversation to be having, but explains “I just think that the industry is moving at a lightning pace and while some companies may be thinking of some of these things, I don’t think it’s very high on the priority list at this point.”

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