Inside The World of Hydropothecary

Article by Richard Phillips, High! Canada

Inside The World of Hydropothecary

High! Canada Magazine was invited recently to take a walk around at the Hydropothecary facility. Located in Gatineau, Quebec on a 65-acre (26 hectare) peninsula along the Ottawa River, on which they are only occupying about 9% of their private acreage which boasts a healthy five unique water sources. Where fruitfully they are operating a state of the art 50,000 square foot facility and producing up to 3,600 kgs of cannabis each year.

In the fall of this year they broke ground on a brand new 250,000 sq. . Dutch designed, state-of-the-art Venlo style greenhouse, increasing their total size to 300,000 sq. . and their current production volume by six mes. Featuring a diffused glass roof and segregated cultivation areas allowing optimization of growing environments and minimize external influences.

As an authorized licensed producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes regulations, Hydropothecary has strived to maintain a transparent relationship with Health Canada, the ministry of labour and local municipalities.

To which they have taken the approach of staying above the standard, aligning themselves as a premium brand capable of catering to consumers of all walks of life Canada wide.

On October the 4th, they were awarded the Coup de Coeur at the Job Creation Awards Gala in Quebec, by creating 27 jobs in 2015-2016, then to further that another 72 jobs in 2017. With further expansion of their self described family by another 100 employment opportunities when their expansion is completed, and fully operational.

Recently at the Li Canadian Cannabis Awards in Toronto, they were humbled to receive three top honours having the Best New Cannabis Product by a Licensed Producer for their Decarb cannabis also as second runner up in the same category for their sublingual cannabis elixir and lastly for the Best Packaging. When our team had the chance to visit their facility they were met by James Mcmillan a veteran marketing and business development guru.

Guy Degrace works in Community Engagement at Hydropothecary,originally starting within their call center in 2015 where his success, personable approach and professionalism propelled him forward, taking his current role early in 2017.

Within their ranks is noted Master Grower Agnes Kwasniewaska Canada’s first female master grower for a Licensed Producer. With nearly a decade within the agriculture and environment research field.

Boasting a proprietary strain (as shown in picture) which can be visually identified as a product of me tested results, superior engineering and care.

We were taken through the process in which each bud is put through a so tumble, then hand inspected and as James liked to phrase it, ‘manicured by hand’. After a curing me this entire process is repeated ensuring each sweet nugget has the maximum yield and least amount of waste by the gram.

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