An Inside Look at the National Joint League: Higher Authority, An Interview with NJL Founder @ocean_grown (Part 4)

Written by Cody Vangogh, creative joint rollerfor

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Creative rolling has been around for some time now. While the first really proficient rolls started making their rounds on the internet a little more than a decade ago, many rollers cite the plumbing technique developed in Thailand in the 1960s as a major catalyst in allowing us to change the shape of what we roll. Despite all that time, there have been more creative rollers emerging in the past five years than ever before and the National Joint League has been the inspiration for most of them. I decided to go right to the mastermind behind the league to ask him a little about how the league came about, the current season, and what the future holds for creative rolling.

Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 4 Cody VanGogh

Hi Ocean. You’re a prominent member of the NJL and everyone knows you can’t roll. Explain yourself!

I always wanted to get into the creative rolling, but found my patience way to short. But where I did thrive was bringing creative rollers together, keeping them together, and building the industry up as the “Vince McMahon” of creative rolling.

Tell us a bit about Major League Blunts. What was your involvement with the community at that point?

The MLB was started by @TeamExtendo and was strictly a blunt rolling competition.  Team based, and teams made by state, each state had a team of 5 rollers.  I had the most followers in Pennsylvania at the time, so I was approached about being team captain and couldn’t have been happier.  I only had about 1000 followers at the time, and team PA couldn’t come close to competing with legal/medical states haha!

Team Extendo - Dankr Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 4 Cody VanGogh

How is National Joint League different from Major League Blunts? What was the transition like from one to the other?

Major League Blunts was more of Extendos, Twaxxers, Cross Blunts etc… however there were a few people that stood out, with much, much more advanced rolls. After the first season, @TeamExtendo decided to retire the league, as he felt it was too much work chasing down rollers for their submissions. So I asked @teamextendo if he was cool with me starting a version, but with joints, he was totally for it.

What was participation like in those early days? Was it hard to find competitors who could compete at the skill level the league demanded?

A lot of the MLB rollers wanted to keep going, and like I said before there were rollers of much higher calibers than others. So I approached those rollers and asked them to comprise a team of whomever they wanted. So each team captain went on a search and put together their own teams. In the first season there were still a lot of cross-joints and such, but you could see the potential, and the eagerness in the rollers to push the limits. I never really set any standards or demands to be in the league. Everyone was rolling for fun, and pushing each other to try new techniques, as well as sharing advice they had picked up.

Major League Blunts - Dankr Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 4 Cody VanGogh

Has there been many changes to the way the league is structured, season to season? What were the reasons for these changes?

I’d have to say the biggest change was getting rid of teams after season 1. (@tonygreenhand suggestion) It came down to, lets find out who the overall best roller per season is, opposed to relying on teammates, which can be tough when not everyone’s as responsive on social media. So with some tweaks, and talking to the more enthusiastic rollers, and weeding out the rollers that were not as serious, we had our second season, which was every man for himself.

Despite a large enthusiast presence and a changing legal climate, Instagram policies still condemn cannabis oriented accounts and photos. Nonetheless, the NJL still owes much of its success to the platform. Do you ever see the league switching or expanding to another platform?

NJL has always, and will always be an Instagram based competition. I have considered both Facebook and YouTube, but with the simplicity of Instagram, I can’t see NJL ever finding a new home, FUCK THE HATERS.

National Joint League, Roll like the Pros - Dankr Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 4 Cody VanGogh

Any favourite moments from past NJL seasons?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite moment of play, but I’d say my favourite moment during all this is when I realized how close we all had become, and what potential NJL really had!

The first round of season 7 has just come to an end. Any thoughts on the results? Any favourite contenders this season?

With round 2 just starting, I’m very excited to see how it goes. This is by far our toughest season yet. I don’t think I could pick a favourite roll yet, but I’m excited about our new “Cruiser Roller Weight” division and seeing what these young talented rollers will come to do in the next few months!

National Joint League: Uncle Snoop Bodega Vs Roll with Cody Van Gogh - Dankr Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 4 Cody VanGogh

What’s the future of the NJL look like? What kind of stuff can the audience look forward to?

Stay tuned, NJL has Hippie Butler Boxes dropping soon, giving everyone at home the tools needed to get into creative rolling, and a chance to join, THE NATIONAL JOINT LEAGUE.

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Written by Cody Vangogh, creative joint rollerfor

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Cody Vangogh is a professional creative joint roller who has been rolling joints for over a decade now, and has honed his craft in that time. He has been doing creative rolling for about two years and is very passionate about what he does. Cody Vangogh is a rolling machine, seemingly able to turn any idea into a fully smokable joint. He has rolled joints of the Trailer Park Boys, helicopters, Tyrannosaurus, chimera dragon, and much more.

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