Home Grown Cannabis Review: Squid Pants’ Dinafem Remo Chemo

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HOME GROWN CANNABIS REVIEWS SQUID PANTS’ DINAFEM REMO CHEMO September 22, 2020 Views 492 0 Comments Checking out Remo Chemo today, as grown and gifted by a regular on pancakenap.com; Squid Pants.

Checking out Remo Chemo today, as grown and gifted by a regular on pancakenap.com; Squid Pants.

We’re seen Chemo a couple of times on this website. This one is a bit different, it’s a collaboration between Remo and Dinafem. What separates Remo Chemo from a ‘regular’ Chemo is the inclusion of Bubba Kush.

Squid has gifted flowers from two plants and we’ll look at each separately.



Buds are jagged, both in overall shape and detailed structure. Shape appears trigonal pyramidal, or triangular if you’d prefer descriptions given in the 2nd dimension.

Deep green colouring, with fully saturated orange stigmas throughout. The sheer faces show the frost, coverage is complimentary to colour, not occlusive.


Feel is firm, more hard than soft; but not delicate, they can take some force.


Scents are deeply smoked earths, near charred, melded to a sweet coniferous resin. The topside is vaporous and almost elusive, while the base of the profile is wide and firm.


The taste profile is complex at detail, yet uniform from afar. The facets of its aromatic character blend together to form a fluid mixture of the sweet, tarry myrcene lows and near floral pine notes.  At the inception, the feel is viscous and near baritone. As it leaves the mouth, it feels more flighty, leaving a generous amount of sweet florals with buzzy pine.

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